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About Us
As Chefs and owners we do nothing else, but hand make savoury gourmet food and pastries with wholesome ingredients married to recipes that we believe delivers real flavour and goodness. The basis of any good tasting gourmet food is it's pastry, ours is based on a traditional French recipe of short crust for our gourmet pastries base and puff pastry for the top, the best quality flour is used along with real (unsalted) butter.

Our beef range only includes selected cuts that are at least 85% lean and you can be assured of receiving 100% beef - no off cuts. Matching our passion for making gourmet pastries are our stringent hygiene guidelines. Three years prior to it's being compulsory we introduced the food hygiene safety production program (HACCP).

Not only wanting to find the best in traditional recipes we also like to introduce new flavours. A good example is our lamb and rosemary pie, Australia’s first gourmet lamb pie. Our chicken pie is popular because we make our own stock starting with the chicken carcass and we finish our chicken pie with the sweetness of roasted pumpkin.

We started almost 20 years ago and today you will find our gourmet pastries in many of Sydney's finest Deli's, Eateries, Restaurants and Brassieres. Just click on 'Where to Buy' and you can see for yourself.

The corporate arena are also great fans of our single serve and cocktail gourmet food, many of Sydney's leading companies in Banking, Finance, Law and Media to name a few are now enjoying our '7' Veg pie. It features a traditional white sauce recipe with a generous assortment of seven freshly roasted vegetables with herbs.