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"The Bulluss Pie ...

Came in Tops."

Helen Wellings - Today Tonight, April 2002

Helen Wellings, a well respected consumer advocate and reporter with Network 7's Today Tonight TV current affairs program had many popular pie brands tested for their meat content.

A team of chemists, led by David Laborie, tested for protein, fat, total solids and sodium, then calculated the amount of meat and the animal it came from.

The Bulluss gourmet pie, with a generous 42.2% beef, came in tops. Hillendale at 30% and Four 'N' Twenty at 28.8% came in second and third respectively. Two of the popular brands tested did not contain the legal minimum meat content of 25%.

You could describe the Bulluss "9.7" as a low fat yet succulent meat pie with tender chunks of meat in a texture rich sauce all surrounded in a low-salt buttered pastry. We'd like to say it's a low fat tall tasting pie.

We have spent many months developing this new low fat recipe, trialling the best ingredients and with pride we would like you to be amongst the first to sample our newest offering - the Bulluss Bros. "9.7" Meat Pie. Like all our gourmet pies they are available in Cocktail, Snack, Single Serve and Family sizes.

Tests Units Bulluss "9.7"
Moisture g / 100g 48.9%
Ash g / 100g 1.2%
Protein g / 100g 13.7%
Fat g / 100g 9.7%
Saturated Fat g / 100g 5.9%
Total Sugars g / 100g 1.5%
Dietary Fibre g / 100g 0.4%
Sodium g / 100g 311
Carbohydrate g / 100g 26.1%
Energy Value kJ / 100g 1039